Effective January 04, 2004 , the rules include the following substantial changes:

Driving hours will increase from a maximum of 10 consecutive driving hours to become a maximum of 11 consecutive driving hours.
Rest time will increase from a mandatory 8 hours to become 10 hours consecutively.
Maximum on duty time has been reduced from 15 to 14 hours.
All “working time” accrues to a maximum of 14 consecutive hours total work time.
All off duty not driving time which is not sleeper berth time accrues to the total work time of 14 hours.
The consecutive nature of the 14 hour rule greatly impacts driver productivity for customers with freight transit characteristics which cause driver delays. Significant financial impact will result from delays which eat into the 11 available driving hours of the 14 hour rule such as:
- Border Crossings
- Multi Stops
- Live Load and Unload Appointments
- Excessive Driver Dock Time (Load & Unload)
- Miscellaneous Waiting Time